Sphenix Mperia is a consulting engineering firm specializing in the construction of buildings. We offer our services to a diverse clientele from several sectors:


Public sector


- Institutional, governmental buildings

- Municipalities

- Colleges, Universities, Public Schools

- Sports and intertainment Centers

- Hospitals

- Maritime Establishments


Private sector


- Industrial and agroalimentary plants

- Commercial buildings - Laboratories

- restaurants

- Residential buildings






Our first area of expertise is the engineering of building materials and the rehabilitation of buildings. We are well aware of the process leading to the pathology of the building envelope and above all master the different methods currently available to solve them. Our experience has also allowed us to develop several specialties that are structured around 3 specific areas that are:


- The engineering of architectural panels for the building enveloppe.


- Design and calculation of steel and wood frames


- The design of ventilated, heated or refrigerated spaces.


We develop construction techniques in micro architecture (small modern dwellings). Our expertise extends to the whole sphere of "cargotecture" and eco-friendly modular dwellings made up entirely of prefabricated insulated panels.


Our vocation is to provide training to professionals and players in the construction industry in order to help them achieve the performance targets they have set for themselves.







Our ultimate mission is our commitment to satisfying our customer. We are committed to always striving for success, because it is clear to us that our success depends first and foremost on the success of our client. That is why we favor a partnership business relationship with the watchword that the satisfaction of our customer is our commitment. We are committed to providing engineering services with high added value, sustainable quality, human, environmental, and always focused on eco-responsible achievements.




The firm Sphenix Mperia was founded in January 2016 and specializes in engineering service to manufacturing companies, and to professionals working in the field of construction.

The consulting engineering firm has its office located in the heart of the business center of Montreal. Sphenix Mperia was founded by the design engineer Prince Félix Logossou, who has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in mechanical, industrial and construction engineering. Prince Felix Logossou is a graduate of Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Université Laval (Quebec) and Concordia University.

It was during his travels in Europe and lately in the United Arab Emirates that Mr. Logossou fell under the charm of the plethora of envelope products of the building that covered a multitude of buildings with daring and contemporary architecture. His passion then germinated for great audacious and modern achievements in architecture and structural engineering. During his eloquent experience, Mr. Logossou has been involved in the development of several technologies, including stage elevators (Gala Systems), construction lifts and elevators (Fraco products). As a product engineer for Norbec Architectural, he successfully participated in over thirty construction projects, including the MUHC (McGill University Health Center), the Telus Center at Laval University, Center for Collaboration Miqro Innovation of Bromont, Place Bell de Laval, to name but a few. During the years 2013 to 2015, Mr. Logossou actively contributed to the improvement of Tim-Hortons' walk-in freezers by working closely with the TDL Group's Toronto-based engineering team. It is proud of all this experience, that he undertook to launch the engineering consulting firm, Sphenix Mperia. A firm whose aim is to work in partnership with North American architectural firms and building industry major players.